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[If there is anything that Sawaki truly dislikes, it's being caught off his guard. Such a thing is, of course, a fairly rare occurrence. It's perhaps a natural side effect of becoming a Shin--when your very existence is beyond the scope of human understanding, you reach a point where very little phases you.

Now, suddenly waking up (and when had he fallen asleep anyway?) slouched over in a chair
in the middle of some sort of massive, Victorian-style living room? Sawaki would say that he has fair license to be surprised.

He sits up, rubbing lightly at his temples. Where is he? And how did he even get here?]

What on earth...?

[OOC: INTRO POST! Feel free to have characters wake up here or elsewhere. Respond to this post, or make your own if you want... whatever you like, really!]
Tags: nanaya, sawaki
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